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Why Sponsor?

Now is the time for your brand to engage directly with the largest group of health sector procurement buyers in one place, on one day.

Get your brand noticed ahead of your competitors by sponsoring P4H 2017 and engage with over 1200 key decision makers from the healthcare sector.

As an existing or aspiring healthcare supplier, you now have the opportunity to sponsor P4H 2017 and to promote your brand direct to NHS procurement professionals.

The benefits of getting buyers and suppliers together, is that they can actually talk the same language and not talk either side of a tender document. You can actually understand the challenges the other person is facing and why certain things need to be done in different ways.” – James Minards, Key Account Manager, GHX

Lord Carter’s final report on Operational Productivity in the NHS has highlighted a number of areas where efficiency savings can be made within the procurement function. Collaboration, economies of scale and better management of data are the main areas where improvements have been recommended to help deliver the £700m+ savings required per annum. However, there are still substantial opportunities for suppliers to sell to the NHS with an estimated £20 billion spent on common goods and services by the NHS in England each year.

It has never been more important for brands like yours, with innovative, cost saving products, services or solutions to make the most of this opportunity to engage directly with this core group of NHS procurement buyers.

P4H 2017 will provide a range of excellent sponsorship opportunities designed to suit every budget and to maximise brand awareness. Irrespective of the size of your company, a broad spectrum of benefits can be gained by sponsorship aside from enhancing visibility and image, such as differentiating your company from your competitors and showcasing innovative new services and products.

We work closely with each sponsor to create a distinctive package tailored to individual marketing and business development priorities. The aim with all our sponsors is to create a mutually rewarding partnership that will enable you to promote your company or service and improve brand awareness within the sector.

To discuss how your organisation can benefit from sponsorship at P4H 2017, please call 0845 270 7066 or email sponsorship@p4health.co.uk


Event Partners

Event Sponsors